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The History of Western Philosophy

     I’ve been (extremely) slowly reading through Bertrand Russell’s The History of Western Philosophy.  I have to take umbrage with Russell many times; he seems to think his admittedly fine intellect results in the final answer to whatever philosophical subject … Continue reading

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History Will Be the Judge

     I don’t know that we’ll ever hearken back to this period in history as "The Good ol’ Days."  But maybe even more than after the Roosevelt administration in the 1930s, we’ll look back and realize that it might have … Continue reading

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Top This!

     For the year 2009, I believe the only event that could top this one would be landing a man (preferably me) on the planet Mars.  I think the last thing that President Bush should do before he leaves office … Continue reading

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You Could Fool All of the People

     I ran across this gem at the Motley Fool this morning while speeding through my e-mail.  It was a post called Sizing Up Banking’s New Giants and was written by Morgan Housel.  I emphasized my favorite part of the quote.  Back … Continue reading

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Another Favorite E-mail

     I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas (or appropriately enjoyable holiday if not Christmas) and a happy New Year!      I’ve received the e-mail below on a couple occassions.  I figured it was worth posting here.  I’ve received a Navy … Continue reading

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