History Will Be the Judge

     I don’t know that we’ll ever hearken back to this period in history as "The Good ol’ Days."  But maybe even more than after the Roosevelt administration in the 1930s, we’ll look back and realize that it might have been a whole lot worse without pretty solid leadership at the top.  "Solid" doesn’t mean "Mistake-free," and there were certainly a lot of mistakes.  Lucky for us, the most of the mistakes (thus far) weren’t strategic ones (I take certain points of view from certain folks in the MSM who would disagree with me as confirmation that I’m correct).  The current Commander-in-Chief was no Ronald Reagan, but then as Victor Davis Hanson would point out, Ronald Reagan himself was sometimes "no Ronald Reagan." 

     That said, I was pleased (and not a little astounded) to read this.  (H/T Uncle D)

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