Duties Not Involving Flying

     I haven’t been flying recently, and I won’t until about 1 Oct.  Between the end of the fiscal year and the minor surgery I just had, I’m just not going to be on the flying schedule at all for two weeks.

     I wish I could say I’ll have some free time to blog, but what will really happen is I’ll have to code up an Excel spreadsheet, write a performance report, write at least one quarterly awards package, and help author one or two PowerPoint presentations on the local FY07 flying hour program and the forecast for the FY08 flying hour program. 

     I’m on the schedule for an NVG re-hack on Mon, 1 Oct.  It ought to be pretty vanilla, which is probably a good thing.  It’ll be the first night flight in over a year (and a year ago it was only the one flight at Luke AFB, with no weather to worry about and visibility clear enough to see the next state over!). 

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