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Another Legend Gone

     Weltanschauung joins QandO in saying a final farewell to Adm Eugene B. Fluckey.  He was perhaps the most successful WWII submarine skipper.  His book Thunder Below was totally inspiring (even for an aspiring Air Force fighter pilot).  [Hat tip … Continue reading

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Roll The Stone Away

     It’s Independence Day! Happy Fourth of July.      If you get a chance, check out the National Archives website  [Hat tip to Cox & Forkum].  You can download images of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.   

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A Special Comment Just for Keith Olbermann

       Take your own advice.       Your basic worldview is, to put it nicely, screwed up.  It’s so screwed up that it causes you to not understand events happening in the world around you.  You’re not ‘misinformed’ so much … Continue reading

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Filing a Claim

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