A Special Comment Just for Keith Olbermann


     Take your own advice

     Your basic worldview is, to put it nicely, screwed up.  It’s so screwed up that it causes you to not understand events happening in the world around you.  You’re not ‘misinformed’ so much as you are ‘clueless.’  What it all really boils down to is since you don’t understand the way the world works, you don’t support good causes, and therefore you don’t support the President.  But you’re so rabid yourself that you can’t abide a chief executive that guides the country on morality and conscience, so you feel compelled to suggest he leave office.  Your rage has unbalanced you.  Your rage makes you a poor source of information.  You cannot be trusted. 

     What more needs to be said about a clueless commentator whose show has a segment called ‘The Worst Person in the World?’ 

     You Shut Up

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