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The Blog Goes Ever On

     Holy Silmarillion, Batman! A fellow Tolkien buff, and with a blog!      And she made LGF and Patterico before I did (not to mention HoyStory). 

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Show Me the Support

     My home state rocks! Thanks!

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     Yesterday was my first flight in over a month.  And whoa! what a flight! Actually, it was technically two sorties.  It was probably the most physically challenging flight I’ve ever made.       I wasn’t originally going to get to … Continue reading

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Among Other Things That Never Occurred To Me

     My buddy Matt dug this gem up:  The Islamopiscopal.      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  YGBSM!

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Chuck Norris

     What’s a blog without a reference to Chuck Norris?      This is kind of funny:  Chuck Norris for President [hat tip to Uncle Dan].

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     Here is a link to a YouTube site that ‘Animated’ Travis Patriquin’s PowerPoint show. 

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Much Better!

     Hannity & Colmes followed Countdown on AFN News this morning.  Their first guest was Army Lt Col Ralph Peters (ret).  I agree with almost everything Col Peters says, except that he thinks the Air Force should be disbanded, with … Continue reading

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Another One-hour Countdown

     As I was writing the post in memory of Robin Olds, I was listening to the TV news in the background.  AFN Pacific plays MSNBC’s Countdown from 9-10 AM.  Normally, I turn the TV off as soon as I hear Keith … Continue reading

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The Legend Will Live

     The living legend just filed his flight plan to Valhalla.  Requiescat in pace.      Here’s his AF biography.  For those not familiar, Brig Gen Robin Olds (ret), as one of my squadron commanders said, was a fighter pilot’s fighter … Continue reading

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     I just got back to Japan from a two-week stint away from my offices.  My wife and I managed to get to Hawaii and to my home of record.  I’d like to say it was a great getaway.  In … Continue reading

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