Turning Night Into Green

    Last night was the night Surface Attack Tactics (SAN) flight.  It was not really so much tactics as it was administratively getting me warmed up to fly tactically at night.  This was one of those painful flights that the AETC F-16 community demands you fly in a D-model with a qualified instructor pilot (IP) in the rear cockpit and a qualified and current IP somewhere else in the flight.  We went out to the Gladden/Bagdad airspace west of Phoenix and practiced dropping JDAM, GBU-10, and 1v1 intercepts.  In one of those crazy turns of events, I was the only one of the three of us who was LANTIRN targeting pod qualified, so I showed the guy in back a few things.  Anyway, the Air Force can rest easy, I am now certified to not roll inverted and pull should I find myself flying a Viper at night.

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