The first thing on the agenda this morning was a change of command.  BGen Rand handed the Luke AirPatch over to BGen (sel) Jones.  The ceremony was at about 0900, and it was already about 100o F out on the line. 

    The second thing up was the close air support mission.  We flew out to South Tactical Range (STAC) and dropped a bunch of practice bombs and bullets on targets the guy in the back seat (GIB) of the instructor’s aircraft called out to us.  The GIB pretended to be an airborne forward air controller (FAC(A)).  It was relatively fun.  It might have been more fun had one of my former troops been down there calling out targets for me!

    Tomorrow I should get to fly my final flight in the requalification course.  It’ll be nice to go fly and not get a gradesheet written! That day is a little way off, but getting closer every day!

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