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Settling an Argument

     I’m pretty close to a number of Germans.  They’re very good friends (and family), and I really love them all.      Occassionally we’ll discuss world events, and since the Middle East is nearly always in turmoil, it tends to … Continue reading

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Chris’ Market Watch

     I am by no means a professional investor.  I’m not just a hobby investor, either.  Call me a serious amateur, perhaps with a serious lack of time to really get good at being a part-time pro on the side. … Continue reading

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Tropical Paradise

     The past few days have been somewhat relaxing.  I’m on the island of Okinawa.  I wish I could say I was relaxing and enjoying myself.  I brought plenty of work with me, so I’m working and enjoying myself, as … Continue reading

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Annoyance Resolved

     I’m happy to report that Avis made good on the problem of the parking attendant who tried to make me park anywhere else but where I was because she thought she could.  Management actually got in touch with me … Continue reading

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    As so often happens during a permanent change of station, life has been filled with unexpected twists and turns that drinks up free time as fast as a thirsty man in a desert that ran across his first oasis … Continue reading

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Left is Right

    When is the "Left" right? When you’re driving in Japan (or England, or Singapore).      I just bought a car with a number of ‘firsts."  It’s my first Toyota.  It’s my first four-wheel drive.  And it’s the first car … Continue reading

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     I arrived in Japan for the first time ever about a week-and-a-half ago.  Actually, I’ve touched Japanese soil before (if you count the Narita International Airport terminal ‘soil’) on several occassions.  This was the first time I actually stayed … Continue reading

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    I was in my hometown of St Louis last week.  There were a couple of issues that came up that I thought I’d vent about.  There isn’t necessarily any rhyme nor reason to it, they’re just little things I … Continue reading

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