Sorry, What Was the News?

    Megyn Kendall was just interviewing Ann Coulter on Big Story Primetime.  (Caution:  Second link not recommended for my left-of-center friends.  You must lean at least this far right to view Ann’s blog:   _ _ _ _ _ —> _ _ _ _ _ _ ).

    I still think Roger Ailes needs to get Rudi Bahktiar more air time. 

    Personally, if I’m ever in Iraq again, and a bad guy throws a small spherical explosive in my direction, I’ll alert all in the area by yelling "EVERYONE GET DOWN!!! A ‘COULTER’!!!"

    In any case, it was fun to watch.  They don’t call it the "Fox" News Channel for nothing, you know!

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3 Responses to Sorry, What Was the News?

  1. Ana says:

    Hi Chris,

    Will and I will check your blog to see how you are doing. This is the greatest thing. Have a quiet day there. Hugz to you and Christina, Ana

  2. James says:

    Aw, comeon, Ann’s a hoot. *wipes tear from eye* She kills me.

  3. Chris Penningroth says:

    Hello, Will (sir) and Ana! Welcome to Weltanschauung! It’s good to hear from you all!

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