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Not Quite Camping

     I just recently returned from one of the far-flung camps in our area of operations.  It was one of those places where you couldn’t drink the water without boiling it first (not even to brush your teeth).  Pretty much … Continue reading

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CENTCOM Happenings

     It looks like Admiral Fallon just resigned.      His deputy will be the acting CENTCOM commander.  Lt Gen Dempsey was in command of 1st Armored Division when I was working over in that neck of the woods.  He helped … Continue reading

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Shouldering the Load Together

     From a long way off, I had a very small hand in a very small way in some of this. 

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God Save the Prince!

     I was watching CNN International when the story broke that Prince Harry was RTBing from Afghanistan where he was apparently calling in airstrikes, which is the exact same job my Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) unit in Germany performed.  … Continue reading

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Back to the Frontier

     I’m now "Downrange" again.  I’ll make a preliminary effort to post whatever I can, but I can’t promise anything.       All I can say for now is that where I am, it’s hot. 

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The Ultimate Last Word

     Rest in peace, Andrew.  And great job thinking of this! 

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Good Point!

     Austin Bay had some words of historical wisdom for us in the Houston Chronicle. 

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Entertainment Versus News

     Back in October I was browsing Victor Davis Hanson’s website and on the 12th, the sub-headline of the posting jumped out at me.  No, it wasn’t the name of the young, troubled socialite that caught me.  It was the … Continue reading

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Memories that Live On

     It’s been just over a year since I learned that I lost one of my buddies in the Iraq War.  What really makes me happy to know is that Capt Travis Patriquin’s legendary slide show and his efforts at … Continue reading

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Welcome Back to the Den

     The 13 FS arrived back at home station today.  They flew 13 jets home.  Go figure!

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