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Policing Ramadi

      More on the CPT Travis Patriquin Memorial Police Station here and here.      Info on Ramadi from Michael Totten in two parts (h/t Hoystory).       At least al Qaeda in Mesopotamia keeps shooting itself in its own foot.  It’s even nicer to … Continue reading

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Heroes’ Run Report

     There’s a good note and a bad note to the Heroes’ Run that Mr Patriquin tried to set up for 28 July.  The bad news was that the run in Lockport, IL was cancelled.       The good news was … Continue reading

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Update From Jill Metzger

     Jill e-mailed a month or so ago to say that she’s doing a whole lot better, and that she appreciated all the support she got in the aftermath of her ordeal in Kyrgystan.       Thank you to everyone who offered … Continue reading

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Show Me the Support

     My home state rocks! Thanks!

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     Here is a link to a YouTube site that ‘Animated’ Travis Patriquin’s PowerPoint show. 

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Heroes’ Run

     Mr Gary Patriquin contacted me earlier this week! He’s planning a Heroes’ Run on 28 Jul in Lockport, IL to benefit the Travis Patriquin Family Memorial Trust Fund and to the Children of the Fallen Soldier Relief Fund.  Please click here … Continue reading

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Homeward Bound

    The Ready First Combat Team has transferred authority for the fight in Ramadi to the 1st Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division.     Welcome home, soldiers! Thanks for a job well done! 

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In the Fight

    Here’s what the squadron I normally fly with is doing. . . helping to win the war.     Me? I only managed to sandbag a local area orientation flight from RJSM last Friday.   I’ve got a little ways … Continue reading

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Great Song

    I first viewed this website a couple years ago.  Things like this always choke me up.  It’s a little more poignant now that I’ve lost friends in the war.      I wish I had the time to develop the … Continue reading

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Targeting Difficulties

    Have you ever wondered why no one in their right mind makes fun of the intelligence of today’s American military Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines?     Try interpreting the following while taking 7.62 rounds from multiple directions!  

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