God Save the Prince!

     I was watching CNN International when the story broke that Prince Harry was RTBing from Afghanistan where he was apparently calling in airstrikes, which is the exact same job my Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) unit in Germany performed.  They showed a little footage of him in an interview (click here for the video page, you may need to open the Harry’s deployment ends clip, 3:08 long, start paying attention at 0:31). 

     What grabbed my attention was his headgear the Prince was wearing during the TV interview (Photo #5/13 appears to be the cap in question).  He was wearing a desert-colored baseball cap.  I have the exact same desert-colored cap, just like my controllers wore.  My cap has velcro on the front, and most of the TACP types I know put a desert-colored American flag on their caps.  Mine was no exception.

     Neither was Prince Harry’s!

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