Married Life 101

    As I mentioned before, my wife and I are finally living together.  Happily for me, she seems to enjoy cooking.  I personally don’t understand how anyone can get any enjoyment out of the act of cooking, but I do understand how to enjoy home-cooked meals! Needless to say, I think I’m getting the better end of this deal!

    The only idiosynchracy I’ve noticed and had to adjust to is her habit of leaving the caps off of pens.  Her left side of the road driving is coming along nicely, and she’s adjusting well to military life. 

    I’m really enjoying this husband-wife thing!

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One Response to Married Life 101

  1. Mom says:

    Got the picture from your webcam, you look like and extremely happy man. Christina looks pretty happy too. Enjoy married life together

    Love ya both

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