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Armchair Quarterbacking

    Today I had to sit at a desk and talk on the radio to some guys flying around the local area.  I think the only three pilots on the airfield who had less fun than me were the two … Continue reading

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Test Anxiety

    I just took my second exam in my controls class.  Somehow, I’ve managed two straight times to convince myself I understood the material well enough to do great on an exam.  That, and he allowed us to have a … Continue reading

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    I’m beginning to think only two people read this blog. . . me and my mother!     Is anyone else out there?     Hello?! Hello?!  Hello?! Hello?! Hello?! Hello?! Hello?! 

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A Movie for the Birds

    I took a break from studying today and watched Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 The Birds.  If I were you, I’d wait for the book.  Then leave the book at the library.       The only thing about the movie I … Continue reading

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Fox on Parade

    Fox brings good things.  I caught the end of the World Series on Fox, it was nice to watch the hometown win again.     Then, Megyn Kendall, Kiran Chetry, Alysin Camerota, and Rudi Bakhtiar, all appeared in the space … Continue reading

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Didn’t I Say This Before?

    I wrote an essay elsewhere in cyberspace regarding the problems with the modern media.  It’s nice to see some other people see things the same way.

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Let There be Thermodynamics!

    I finally turned one of the heaters on in the house.  I was having trouble studying (and especially typing) and was wondering why.  Turns out it was 46o in the dining room.  I just got that fixed, and it’s … Continue reading

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What Goes Around…

    Apparently Anderson Cooper (Host of Anderson Cooper 360o on CNN) has joined the other side in the war on terror.  Showing American troops about to get sniped ranks up there with al Jazeera showing Americans getting beheaded on their … Continue reading

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Declaration of War?

    I’ve got Lou Dobbs’ running in the background.  His show tonight is titled The War on the Middle Class.  In his opening, he stated Congress has declared war on the middle class in America.       Notes to Mr … Continue reading

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More Technology

    I’ve started using Skype and a new IOGear Bluetooth headset to make international phone calls.  I put about $12 on deposit with Skype a month ago, and haven’t gone through all of it yet.  The only thing I cannot … Continue reading

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