Food Critics ‘R’ Us

    Tonight I’m going to try my hand at explaining what I ate.  This ought to be interesting.  I’m the most utilitarian eater I know.  In general if it’s food, cooked, and isn’t made from something rather gross, I never complain.  I’ve noticed most of my friends can explain things about food that I never seem to even notice.  So I’m going to start trying to pay attention and perhaps someday I’ll be able to talk barbeque with the best of them! Or at least maybe I’ll learn how marinade is supposed to be used.  

    This evening Nitro, Tonka and I hit an Asian restaurant near
loop 101 and 67th Ave.  If I remember correctly, it was called Pei
Wei.  I wasn’t very adventurous, I went with sweet and sour chicken,
and it was good (the rice was a bit dry).  The chicken was surrounded by tasty, crunchy fried batter and was nice and tender. 

    After dinner we
stopped at the Cold Stone Creamery next door to the restaurant.  I
picked up a small cup of butter pecan.  That triggered a lot of fond
memories of our summer camping trips when we were growing up.  The
local Jaycees always had chocolate, vanilla, and butter pecan, so if we
wanted something other than standard flavors, we got butter pecan.  The
Cold Stone ice cream was good, but it lacked actual pecan chunks.

    If you’re in Phoenix and you’re in the mood for Korean, Hannibal and I tested Seoul Jung restaurant, it was in the vicinity of 67th Ave and Olive, but check the address before you take my word for it.  It was the best Korean food I’ve ever had, and I lived in Korea for 16 months once upon a time.   

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