We Have Liftoff!

     Tuesday was my first attempt at "TR-1," the first flight in the transition course syllabus.  The takeoff and departure were routine.  Once we got into the MOA (military operations area), my flight profile called for an 8-9G turn.  During the turn, a small problem with the landing gear became evident, so I had to take the jet home early.  

    The second (and successful) attempt was today.  We got out to the area, turned and burned, then shot a TACAN penetration, an ILS and a PAR (precision approaches designed to get you to a safe landing through weather), three simulated flameout approaches, two overhead patterns, and a VFR pattern to a full-stop landing. 

     After today’s flight a classmate and I hit the simulator, then I had some academic lessons.  It was a busy day.  Tomorrow will be more sims, and next week should be a good flying week!

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