Back on Track

     As of Thursday the 20th, I began my F-16 transition course (TX2, in our parlance) along with six others.  We’re going to have academics on and off for at least the next month.  We’ll begin "flying" the simulators later this week.  We won’t start flying for another week after that.  Once we begin, it will be fast and furious.  We’ll likely get our instrument flight evaluations the same week we begin flying.  After that, we’ll get about three flights of basic fighter maneuvers (BFM), and we’ll move right into intercepts and air tactics.  All seven of us are looking forward to getting started!

     Yesterday five of us went to the Phoenix International Raceway, where we helped our patron squadron raise funds by selling burgers, fries, and drinks at the track.  The squadron has been doing these fundraisers for more than a few years.  Initial indications are that this was the most successful event ever! Hopefully we’ve helped ensure the squadron can give away some nice moving away/retirement gifts, can throw one or two decent parties for special occassions, and can stock the snack bar with some tasty foods at reduced prices for the next year!

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