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It’s a Good Thing!

    Abdul Rahman, the Afghani who was recently facing the death penalty for converting from Islam to Christianity, has been temporarily spared (here’s a link to the story on  The case against him was dismissed.  The problem is, he’s … Continue reading

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Speaking of Russia. . .

     I found this photo of my old Spangdahlem stallion.  The photo itself was at (a Russian web-site).  I only wish I was the one flying it that day.  One of the Lockheed Martin company pilots was flying … Continue reading

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From Russia, With Love. . . .

     Sometimes I find that I miss the Cold War.  The Soviet Union was an evil, intractable adversary.  The stakes on every confrontation were high.  That all ended starting in the mid- to late-80s, with Solidarity in Poland, Glasnost … Continue reading

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Future mission of the 131st

My home-town Air National Guard unit, the 131st Fighter Wing, has been flying fighters ever since I can remember. I think the 110th Fighter Squadron was flying the F-100 Super Sabre around the time I was born. In 1978 they … Continue reading

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Sunday Bike Ride

Christina and I spent a couple hours riding our mountain bikes along the paved trails of Bad Nauheim this afternoon. We checked out the old salt-making facilities, the city park, the Usa River, and the Spa district. It was a … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Weltanschauung!

Welcome to my Weltanschauung! I’m Chris Penningroth, your guide through the world as I see it. Join me in my journey through the rest of my life for tales of relaxed adventuring and insightful discussions about the state of the … Continue reading

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