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Fighting for Our Future

     The Air Force has been under considerable pressure from several different people for the past several years.  Some of these folks have actually called for the Air Force to be disbanded.  I penned a short apologetic piece which I posted … Continue reading

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A Reduction in the Defecit? Cool!

     I must admit I had my doubts that the Federal Government would be able to reduce the deficit by half within the next few years like it said it would.  I thought later that I saw a possible way to make … Continue reading

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My Quick Take on the Possibility of Inflation

    Most of us know that the government is having Treasury spit money off the presses at the Mint fast enough to beat Jeff Gordon in the Daytona 500.  Typically when this occurs, inflation rears its ugly head and devours the … Continue reading

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You Could Fool All of the People

     I ran across this gem at the Motley Fool this morning while speeding through my e-mail.  It was a post called Sizing Up Banking’s New Giants and was written by Morgan Housel.  I emphasized my favorite part of the quote.  Back … Continue reading

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Mentally, but not Physically

     If anyone needs me, I’ll be clinging to my religion. 

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Something in Common

     Governor Palin and I have something in common:  She and I have both won second prize in a beauty contest!      It may have been a little tougher going for her!

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This Could Get Ugly

     I was a bit surprised to read Georgia had moved troops into South Ossetia and Russia had in turn moved troops in and had started bombing Georgia (CNN, FoxNews, Johnson’s Russia List (via e-mail)).      It’s like Bizarro-Kosovo/Serbia. 

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Quoting Reagan

     "If you are going to let one segment of society or one area of the country become maligned without insisting that the truth be known, all other segments and areas are subject to similar fates."      — Ronald Reagan, Remarks … Continue reading

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The New York Enquirer

     This may be the only thing I’ve ever read or heard from Michael Kinsley that was worth repeating.  This was hilarious!      What’s fun is that I now get to find the Times’ most egregious errors, publish only their failures, … Continue reading

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An Illegal Immigration Analogy

     Let’s say there’s a street out there in Hypothetica.  On that street is a relatively nice big house with a couple spare rooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and a five-car garage.  It’s a beachfront house with a yard that stretches from … Continue reading

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