To Coin a Collection

We’re now four years past the end of the George Washington U.S. State commemorative quarters.  I still haven’t found a circulated 2008-P Idaho.  I’m trying hard not to buy a mint set just to get that one coin, it would be the only one of the entire collection that wasn’t circulated.  I suppose I’ll keep waiting and sifting through my loose change.

On a positive note, I finally learned how to tell the difference between the various 1982 pennies! Small victories (or maybe very small victories) keep me going; almost like that one great golf shot I make one time every round that brings me back for another round another time.

Next weekend perhaps I’ll tackle the ol’ 1970 small date/large date pennies.  That’d be comparable to that one time I hit a straight shot about 200 yards off the fairway with a 2-iron! Actually, considering I hit that shot 200 yards when I only had 150 yards left to go on the dog-leg, well, maybe figuring out that date-thing would be even better? Or maybe I’ve created a really bad simile with the penny-dating/2-iron? I mean, for one thing, why on earth did I have a 2 iron in the first place? A 1970 penny everyone can understand.  But a 2-iron?

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