Fini Ski at Appi

     My wife and some friends and I all went to Appi to get some skiing in.  This would likely be my last skiing trip from Misawa, as I’m due to be reassigned before next winter. 

     I started off on the black slopes and tried some of the techniques my friend Trigger taught me a couple weeks ago.  Things went fairly well, although I still fell a couple times, mostly trying to get around moguls. 

     Thanks to Grace, my wife and I got to ski together for half the day while Grace babysat.  This was the first time we tried skiing down the southwest slope, there were a couple fun runs over there with some fairly fresh powder, so that was definitely worth it. 

     Since we skiied more and babysat less, I got pretty tired by the end of the day.  I wasn’t quite sore the next day, I was just pumped up enough to be primed for BFM/ACM for the next couple days!

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