Much Better!

     Hannity & Colmes followed Countdown on AFN News this morning.  Their first guest was Army Lt Col Ralph Peters (ret).  I agree with almost everything Col Peters says, except that he thinks the Air Force should be disbanded, with the strategic assets going to the Navy and the tactical assets going to the Army (see his recent book New Glory). 

     Col Peters writes extensively and can be seen in USA Today, the New York Post, and, in addition to his books. 

     Col Peters isn’t just controversial with his views on the Air Force.  The Bundeswehr pulled out of the 2004 Land Warfare Expo because of his famous criticism of the European (and especially German) defense establishment.  My friend Paul and I met him there.  He explained to Paul that perhaps his criticism struck too close to home, and the Bundeswehr’s absence was proof he was right.  He was a little surprised when I told him I’d read his first book, Red Army; he told me that that was actually based on a script for a large-scale command post exercise back in the 1980s.  He thanked both of us for our service (Paul actually spent an entire 15 months in Iraq, compared to my nearly negligible 32 days).  It’s always nice to be thanked, though!

     Thank God for Fox News.  Otherwise, I’d go insane from having to run the political-left-brain filter all the time. 

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