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Heroes’ Run

     Mr Gary Patriquin contacted me earlier this week! He’s planning a Heroes’ Run on 28 Jul in Lockport, IL to benefit the Travis Patriquin Family Memorial Trust Fund and to the Children of the Fallen Soldier Relief Fund.  Please click here … Continue reading

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Comment on an E-mail

       Everyone is familiar with those e-mails that seem to make the rounds all over the Internet.  I received one of them from two different people asking me to verify whether or not it was true, and I thought … Continue reading

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And I Thought Weasels Were Wild!

     Last month, the guest speaker for a local Air Force Association luncheon was retired AF Col James Gilliland.  AFN was there to capture the story.  (Thanks, SrA A!)      Col Gilliland talked about a couple missions over north Vietnam … Continue reading

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     I need to thank someone I don’t even know! Kathi S. referred my Blog to (here).  Thanks, Ms S.! I appreciate you taking time to check in here.  I think is a great tool for folks to find out a … Continue reading

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Switching to Guns

     Monday I flew an iron-oxide-laden BFM hop with Lt Col Z.  I had the most bizarre gunsight glitch I’ve ever seen on a Viper, and the usually spot-on, trusty sight led me astray more than a couple times.  That … Continue reading

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