Chris the Red

     Yesterday I helped play Red Air for Colt’s flight lead upgrade SEAD mission.  Shep, Agent, and I had to try to defend a point target, we had theoretical SAM backup, so Blue Air had the tougher job. 

     Since we had to mimic other airplanes, that made life tougher for us.  That, and Agent and I both had two wing tanks while Shep had a single centerline tank (and otherwise clean for FCF) D-model, so every time Shep went to MIL power, I had to use at least min-AB to keep up.  On the other hand, I had an ECM pod to help make life worse for Blue Air. 

     Overall, we had a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, although a couple merges occurred, I didn’t get to turn with any other jets; Shep managed to sneak in a couple times.  Personally, I think whenever Blue Air was shooting BVR into our formation, he kill removed me so he could get to a merge.  I recall him being lit up with Blue Air’s radar a lot more often than I was! But he was the element lead, so it was his prerogative. 

     I need to get to FLUG myself so I can kick my wingmen out and get to more merges!

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