Return to Okunakayama

    Christina and I hit the slopes for our anniversary today.  Christina taught a couple kids the basics of skiing while I warmed up.  I’m getting better at the black slopes, and I even got to try some powder today.  I felt like I was doing pretty well.  

    Christina finished her class and we broke for lunch together.   Christina usually gets some sort of Japanese soup with noodles.  I always end up eating curry and rice (with some sort of meat, usually pork cutlet).  I can see us whiling away our future on slopes in Austria or Colorado, and I’ll end up missing curry.  I wonder if there are any Indian restaurants in Telluride?

    After lunch, we hit the slopes together.  After falling down a total of once all morning, I counted at least five falls in the afternoon.  I was starting to get really frustrated, but after about six runs I finally got my feet back and quit falling.  Christina didn’t want to try powder or moguls today, which was a bit disappointing, but she watched me on two runs and reminded me to face down-slope (I guess with moguls I was tending to face the oncoming hill).   Other than the early afternoon tumbling spells, today worked out pretty well. 

    I think I’m almost ready to buy my first set of skis ever! I’m just waiting until the season is over so I can get a $900 set for 75% off. 

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