Fiber-Optic Internet

     I keep mentioning ‘firsts,’ since this is my first time living in Japan, it just seems to be the thing to do.  That, and being in my mid-30s doesn’t leave a whole lot of new experiences, so perhaps I cherish them a bit more than normal.  Today my wife and I got an Internet connection.  It’s a fiber-optic line (hence the title).  I’ve never had fiber-optic anything before. 

    I can’t tell whether FO is a whole lot faster than normal DSL, but then, the real test will occur when I try to download lectures from school!

    For right now, I’m just happy to be connected to the rest of the world.  My next feat of skill and daring will be to figure out how to re-install my LinkSys wireless router without the installation CD-ROM.  My guess is that the CD is in a storage facility on the East Coast, and I won’t see it for another three years. 

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