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Osama bin Laden’s Latest Diatribe

     I understand the demon djinn just released a new audio tape.  Apparently his current cave (or equivalent primitive dwelling) doesn’t sport rudimentary video facilities.        He called for a Muslim boycott of American goods.  Let’s see, a … Continue reading

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Weekend Blog Reading

    Here are a few noteworthy readings:     On the Return of History.      When Cynicism Meets Fanaticism. 

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It’s a Good Thing!

    Abdul Rahman, the Afghani who was recently facing the death penalty for converting from Islam to Christianity, has been temporarily spared (here’s a link to the story on  The case against him was dismissed.  The problem is, he’s … Continue reading

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From Russia, With Love. . . .

     Sometimes I find that I miss the Cold War.  The Soviet Union was an evil, intractable adversary.  The stakes on every confrontation were high.  That all ended starting in the mid- to late-80s, with Solidarity in Poland, Glasnost … Continue reading

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