Happy New Year 2012

Thank the good Lord that we’re starting a new Year of Our Lord Two-thousand, Twelve.  Or more curtly, 2012 AD, anno domini.

I can’t wait for the new year.  The most charitable thing I can think to say about this year just past is that at least it wasn’t 2008 or 1932, although the jury may still be out on a future 1932-like performance.  I don’t think 2012 will happen the way 1932 did.  I think the market tickers for the first part of 2012 are going to look the same as all 2011.  But what good news can there be that would overcome the systemic geopolitical and economic issues facing the Western world?   I can think of a few, and the exact things I’m thinking belong in the realm where the ‘Frosty Beverage Light’ is always on, not here on the blog; I doubt these things will come to pass in any case and will be rendered moot.  We shall see.

For this evening I’ll count the many blessings granted me this past year and I will wish your 2012 has even more blessings than my 2011 had.

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