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What does one do in the dark of the early morning, unable to sleep due to jet-lag, locked into an apartment because the key broke off in the lock? Why, one would take a crack at a blog entry, that´s what one would do!


So, there I was, alone at the keyboard one night in Austria.  Staying awake? No problem! The biggest challenge was remembering the German keyboard layout; the ‘y’ and the ‘z’ positions were reversed, the shift keys were displaced outward a bit, a lot of shifting was required to type punctuation that´s normally available without shifting, that sort of thing.


Actually, no, the biggest challenge was figuring out what to write.  I wanted to write about the hikes I´d planned to take and the mountains I´d planned to climb.  Instead I got in round-about fashion whatever virus happened to be going around the local day-care.  Hopefully I´ll have better luck next trip!

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