Reactivating My Account

I’ve got just a nutshell’s worth of time to catch you up on everything since last June (my last blog entry). From June through October, there was nothing much going on but somehow I ended up being too busy to write. I was basically holding down the fort at work with just one colleague (in an office that normally sports a complement of four). Somewhere in there were two trips, one to Europe and one to Chile. From October through 12 Jan 2010 was all work and family. Starting just before 4PM EST on 12 Jan 2010 was the massive earthquake that crippled Haiti. Since then my office did a whole lot of the coordination involved in getting images and videos into the hands of the folks on the ground perfoming the rescue, recovery, and humanitarian assistance disbursement.

I’m finally getting caught up with life enough to at least think about starting to write about it!

Thanks for stopping by to check in with me!

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