A Reduction in the Defecit? Cool!

     I must admit I had my doubts that the Federal Government would be able to reduce the deficit by half within the next few years like it said it would.  I thought later that I saw a possible way to make it happen.  I spent over twenty pages trying to explain and came to the conclusion that in order for the deficit to be halved, the Federal government will have to raise revenues (taxes) or cut spending.  I’ll leave that to you the reader to determine which avenue will be the most likely.

     The file I developed should be light reading (if you’re into economics)! Enjoy it if you can! I’ll post it in the Pages section.  Unfortunately I was unable to copy the figures (which had been screen shots from graphs generated by an Excel spreadsheet I seem to have left on another computer somewhere).  I’ll try to find them and get them updated. 


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  1. Frederik says:

    Hi Chris!

    I just saw that you’re busy thinking and writing about economy. That’s what I’m also interested in for more than half a year. I set up a youtube-channel where I regulary collect and add different clips that make me think or explain things from a new perspective. So, I’d be interested what you think about it, it might inspire you for further thoughts. That’s what the world needs now! Have a look at ALL the playlists, not only those on the main page. Hope you’re fine, I still think about my great and comfortable stay with you in Misawa. All the best, Chris, take care!

    Frederik from the Netherlands

  2. Thanks Frederik! There’s always space available if you need a place to crash during your next episode of wanderlust (just call first)! I’m checking out your YouTube site right now. It looks like you’ve got some good stuff there. Meine Frau sagt ‘Hallo!’

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