Declaration of War?

    I’ve got Lou Dobbs’ running in the background.  His show tonight is titled The War on the Middle Class.  In his opening, he stated Congress has declared war on the middle class in America.  

    Notes to Mr Dobbs:  1)  You don’t know what war is if you think anyone besides al Qa’ida is at war with the American middle class or any other American.  2)  Congress doesn’t declare war anymore (last time Congress declared war was 8 Dec 1941).  3)  I’m pretty sure you can’t decide someone else has declared war.   4)  If you’re concerned about the plight of the American middle class, you might try taking on banks that give out what amount to predatory loans and try to convince ordinary folks that excessive credit is bad; then get them to start saving instead of spending. 

    I’ve never been very impressed with Lou Dobbs.  Maybe it would be even more accurate to say I’ve rarely been impressed by Lou Dobbs.   CNN has gotten a little bit better in my view since they got rid of Eason Jordan.  Axing Dobbs would go even further to make that network more palatable to me.

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  1. Jim says:

    Amen, brother. Dobbs annoys me too.

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